Vowel Sound Phonics Games for Kindergarten ESL Kids

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Game - Short Vowel Sounds - On Target
Practice short vowel sounds phonics. Match the words with the correct short vowel sounds. Learn a, e, i, o and u.

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Game - Vowel Sound Space Invaders
Practice vowel sounds phonics. Type short vowel sounds in the spaces and play phonics games.

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Game - Short Vowel Sound Aa - Football
Practice vowel sound Aa phonics. Answer the question and shoot at the goal for points.

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Game - Short Vowel Sound Ee - Fling the Teacher
Practice vowel sound Ee phonics. Answer the questions and then catapult the teacher.

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Game - Short Vowel Sound Ii - On Garde
Practice short vowel sound iI phonics. Match the words with the correct short vowel sound Ii and battle.

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Game - Short Vowel Sound Oo - Grade Quiz
Practice vowel sound Oo phonics. Gamble your grades with this ESL quiz phonics game and improve English.

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Game - Short Vowel Sound Uu - Basketball
Practice vowel sound Uu phonics. Answer the questions and shoot at the basket for ESL points and pronunciation.

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Game - Short Vowels Match Up Game
Practice vowel sound phonics. Match up the short vowel words and complete the quiz using short a, e, i ,o, u.

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