Phonics Worksheets for Kindergarten & Primary School Kids

Phonics worksheets include: Alphabet colouring-tracing printables, anagram worksheets, hidden letter worksheets, handwriting-tracing worksheets, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, consonant sound pages, short and long vowel sound letters, ending blends letter worksheets,diphthongs, trigraphs, r-controlled vowel worksheets and more. Letter Aa, letter Bb, letter Cc phonics worksheets & printables. Teach nursery phonics. Assess kids by writing letters, speaking sounds and listening to phonics.worksheets-menu



Worksheets - Alphabet Colouring and Tracing Pages
Colour the letters. Learn the sounds and words. Practice motor skills.

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Worksheets - Anagrams
Unscramble the word. Write the letters in the spaces, learn the sound and word. Colour the picture.

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Worksheets - Handwriting and Drawing Letters
Trace the upper/lowercase letters, learn the sound of phonics. Draw the picture.

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Worksheets - Handwriting and Tracing
Trace the upper/lowercase letters, Recognise letters,colour the picture.

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Worksheets - Nursery Level 1
Consonant sounds, short vowel sounds. Trace the letters, Colour the pictures and learn the words.

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Worksheets - Nursery Level 2
Beginning consonant blends, ending blends & digraphs. Trace the letters and find the words.

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Worksheets - Pre-school Alphabet Phonics
Trace uppercase and lowercase letters. Colour the pictures.

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Worksheets - Primary Level 1
Diphthongs, r-controlled vowels and tri-graph blends. Trace and match-up the letters and pictures.

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Worksheets - Primary Level 2
Vowel digraphs, short and long sounds and ending sounds. Trace the letters, write the word and colour the picture.

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Worksheets - Vowel Sounds
Vowel digraphs. Trace the uppercase and lowercase letters, write the word and colour the picture.

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Worksheets - Beginning Consonant Blends
Trace beginning consonant two-letter blends, colour the picture and solve the puzzle.

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Worksheets - Consonant Sounds
Trace the uppercase letters, colour the picture and practice sounds B,C,D,F,G,H,J,K,L,M,N.

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Worksheets - Diphthongs
Trace the lowercase letters, match the word to the picture and unscramble the words.

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Worksheets - Ending Blends
Trace the lowercase letters, colour the picture and find the words in the puzzle.

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Worksheets - R-Controlled Vowel Sounds
Trace the letters, match and unscramble the words and write..

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Worksheets - Trigraphs & Three Letter Blends
Trace three-letter blends, circle and colour the blends.

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Worksheets - Hidden Letters
Colour the pictures in the boxes and uncover the hidden letters. Practice pronunciation and handwriting skills.

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Worksheets - Word Search Puzzles
Circle the words by circling the letters in the word search phonics puzzle.

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Worksheets - Primary Level 3
Digraphs, trigraphs and more. Practice handwriting with word scrambles.

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Worksheets - Silent Letters
Circle silent letters, colour the picture and free write silent letter words on the worksheet. Learn silent letter sounds.

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